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Exploring Local Mental Health Services

interactive lesson plans

Interested in getting your learners to explore mental health services and supports in your area? If the answer is yes, these lessons are for you.

One of the obstacles to young people is lack of knowledge about where and how to get support for mental health difficulties. Developed by teacher, Andrew Bates, this two-part session encourages young people to explore services and supports in their local area, providing them and you with an invaluable resource on how and where to access support. 

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Click on images below for access to a PDF of the lesson plans, teaching notes & a link to video guidance on running these sessions

YMH Local Services Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 &

Lesson 2


Teaching Notes 

for both lessons

youth mh services lesson link to videos

Video Guidance 

for Lesson 1 &

Lesson 2

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