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Youth Mental Health & Cannabis

interactive lesson plans

Interested in helping young people to understand the risks associated with cannabis use? If the answer is yes, these lessons are for you.

In spite of high levels of cannabis use in youth, research suggests that many young people are unaware of the health and mental health risks associated with cannabis use. With input from experts in addiction, mental health and cannabis research, teacher Andrew Bates has developed two lesson plans exploring cannabis use, dependence and mental health. Lessons involve interactive debates, videos and powerpoint presentations. 

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Click on images below for access to a lesson plans, powerpoint presentations and supplementary teaching notes

Lesson plans

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Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 &

Lesson 2

Educator notes


Educator Notes


Lesson 1

Powerpoint presentation 1

Cannabis and YMH Lesson Image 2.png

Powerpoint Presentation

Cannabis & Mental Health

Lesson 1

Powerpoint presentation 2

Dependence and YMH Lesson Image 1.png

Powerpoint Presentation


Lesson 2

Additional information

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Additional Information

Link to further information & resources for students

Student worksheets

Classroom Furnitures

Student Worksheets


Lesson 2

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Additional Resources

Check out our companion website, A Young Person's Guide to the Mind, for video guides on running these sessions

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