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Youth Mental Health

introduction & overview

Interested in introducing the topic of mental health to young people? If the answer is yes, these resources are for you.

Below are some short mental health presentations by Helen Coughlan. They can be used as a stand alone resource or in conjunction with other material on this website, in particular our youth mental health animations. If you'd like to present the topic yourself, you can also download and use the PDF powerpoint slides provided below. 

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Video Presentations

Below are four short presentations on mental health. They combine powerpoint slides with a video presentation by Helen Coughlana social worker, social science researcher and youth mental health specialist. The videos can be used in multiple ways. You can view them yourself to enhance your knowledge about youth mental health. If you wish, you can then use the slides provided below to deliver the presentation yourself. Alternatively, if you think the content and delivery is suitable, you can show the videos directly to young people. The presentations are delivered with a youth audience in mind.

We recommend watching our short video, Tips for Running Mental Health Sessions, before giving or showing these presentations and videos. You may also want to read our Introduction to Youth Mental Health and Mental Health Educate and our Mental Health Issues Affecting Young People fact sheets.

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Click on any video below to view

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Slides and Notes

If you'd like to give the presentation yourself, you're welcome to use the PDF of the slideshow below. It contains all of the slides that were used for the four videos above. You can also download the educator notes we have put together to accompany the presentation. These will be of help whether you give the presentation yourself or use the videos above.

Click on the images below to access the PDF slideshow and the accompanying Educator Notes


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Educator Notes

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